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Home on the web of F&SF author D. Robert Hamm

There's nothing here yet (obviously). I'm waiting for that mysterious process known as domain propagation, and then I will begin rebuilding. (I can also be found at my Tumblr.)

As many of you know, I stopped writing after the deaths of my sons. I'm back now, so expect to see more "Alex And," and "Quiet World" stories in the upcoming months and years, as well as a reposting of the webcomics I used to write: Blue Crash Kit, and Lords of the Living Room.

In the meantime, here's a list of my published stories so far:

Alex and the OCD Oracle (link to excerpt here)
Sidekicks!, Mar. 2013 (buy the anthology here)
A humorous contemporary fantasy short story about a psychic, his best friend, and a kiddie pool full of diet soda. Lederhosen, Cthulhu slippers, and a truck-driving grizzly may or may not be involved. (Also, Read Village gave the anthology a four-wedge rating, and of my story specifically said, “And then there is the story “Alex and the OCD Oracle” by D. Robert Hamm, about a partnership that defies explanation. Involving diet soda, nudity, fantasy, mythology and an inflatable kiddie pool, this adventure is just plain odd. Readers will like it. Readers will hate it. Readers will reread it in broad daylight to make sure they did not conjure it in a dream.”)


Are You There? Are You Safe? Is the Flock Safe? (full story online)
Daily Science Fiction, Dec. 2011
This is a serious flash fiction piece about a flock of genetically engineered cyborg parrots and the scientist who falls in love with them. “Flock” was my second sale. I wrote it with literary sensibilities in mind, and I’m rather proud of both the story itself, and that none other than Cat Rambo said it made her cry.

Karma (link to excerpt)
The Crimson Pact, vol. 2, Aug. 2011 (buy the entire anthology here)
A short story set in a Kansas City still rebuilding decades after the Apocalypse. Karma Rodriguez works at her family’s restaurant, but when her grandfather is kidnapped by demons, Karma trades in her spatula for an assault rifle and sets off with her favorite employee and her grandfather’s husband to kick some demon ass. (This is the first published of the Quiet World stories, of which you’ll be seeing more.)